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VertiMax Training

The VertiMax V8 is the #1 training aid in the world. Every NBA team, NFL team and 95% of Division 1 schools use the VertiMax. You really can train like a pro with this machine. Increase your vertical, speed, first step, and overall athleticism with just 30 minutes on the VertiMax V8. We offer VertiMax workouts for all sports and athletes.

Transforming Athletes Into Winners

VertiMax creates cutting edge training tools to provide athletes training advantages no one else can. Don’t just be the beast, let us help you develop your full athletic potential and put you or your team in a position to dominate and win.

Lower Body Reactive Power is the most vital attribute any athlete can possess. It’s the key to explosiveness, speed and power generation. It’s what makes plays and wins games. No training system ever designed will do more than VertiMax to increase lower body reactive power! No matter if it is a Point Guard, Short-Stop, Wide Receiver, or Outside Hitter – no matter what the sport, VertiMax is the one piece of equipment that will make a difference your athletes can feel and you will see. You’ll see it where it counts…during COMPETITION!

Speed Training

VertiMax will radically improve 40 yard dash times and sport specific speed in any direction to give you the speed advantage on any field of play that will separate you from the competition.
Watch the Linear and Lateral speed training videos to learn how to run faster using the VertiMax speed training system and methodology that is light years ahead of the competition.

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